Garden Gallery

The Courtyard

The Dry Garden

The dry garden, built and planted in 2007 survives on rainfall alone.

The plants range from structural and striking aloes, euphorbias and ponytail palms to ethereal grasses and casuarinas, both tough and textural.

The Perennial Borders

There are many garden borders on the only level part of the property, surrounding the house, which have been planted with deciduous trees and conifers and underplanted with perennials and bulbs.

The Creek Garden

The Creek garden, located in a valley which is almost eighty meters deep, provides habitat for  a range of  cool climate plants in deep, fertile  moist soil. Here you will find Rhododendrons, Mollis Azealeas, Hydrangeas, Magnolias, Maples, Cornus, Trilliums, a Birch forest  and a twelve metre long Laburnum Arch.

Italian Walk

The Italian Walk, first planted in 2003, has mass plantings of Cupressus Sempervirens Glauca, all grown from cuttings taken from a specimen prized for its narrow columnar growth habit, and Cercis Siliquastrum (Judas Tree).
Inspired by the vegetation on hillsides surrounding Florence.
The two giant Travertine urns, imported from Pietrasanta, Tuscany were added in 2010.